Friday, March 12, 2010

Thank God the weather bureau is wrong...yet again!

The country's weather bureau is the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration or PAG-ASA.  The word Pag-asa in Tagalog literally means Hope.


The country is experiencing a terrible drought. Pag-asa said that the country should not expect rain to come until July.


The hydro electric power plants were shut down because of low water levels.


There is a huge power crisis in the country and...

Agriculture output is low especially rice and chicken.


In an agricultural country like the Philippines, our government officials want us to import rice and chicken.

BUT!  Thank God our weather bureau is wrong again!

Here is their weather bulletin this 5AM.

Luzon will experience mostly cloudy skies with light rains while the eastern section of Mindanao will have mostly cloudy skies with scattered rainshowers and thunderstorms.

Well, it was indeed cloudy BUT...IT RAINED THIS AFTERNOON HERE IN MANILA AND THE SURROUNDING PROVINCES!  I was in the middle of the road driving when the HEAVY downpour came.  It was heavy and I had to turn on my headlights for safety precautions.  It was not, as Pag-asa said "light rains".  For more of the news, click here.

While most Filipinos are thankful to the Lord for hearing our prayers for the grace of rain, which Catholics have been praying in every Mass (Oratio Imperata ad Pluviam), our ever reliable weather bureau has this to say.  
PAGASA earlier warned the public not to mistake the rains for an early end to summer, saying these are isolated and that hot days are due to return soon.
The weather bureau's acronym meaning hope?  Enggk!  They do not want us to be hopeful!

Thank God we have Him to hope for.


  1. It's the job of a science agency/organization to be realistic and advise the public about natural phenomenon such as weather and climate.. It is the job of faith based organizations to promote hope.

    The rains we had are due to a cold front that will eventually pass. What is not usual is that we still have strong NE winds at this time of the year.

    A scientific worldview requires that we look for natural explanations first for things that happen in nature before we look for miraculous ones.

    The rains can be explained scientifically due to a cold front system. The Oratio Imperata may or may have not helped, but that is taken on faith.

    PAGASA's acronym has made it a butt of jokes. Congress should pass a law amending it.

  2. By the way, the weather bureaus here in the US aren't always accurate either. hehehe.