Monday, March 15, 2010

Pinoy Canonists meet for Anglicanorum coetibus

MANILA, March 15, 2010—The Canon Law Society of the Philippines (CLSP) is set to discuss personal ecclesiastical jurisdiction in its upcoming 18th national convention on April 12-15 at the Elijah Spirituality Center in the Diocese of Tagbilaran. [This should be interesting.]

Departing from its original theme focusing on Tria Munera Christi, in celebration of the Year for Priests, convention organizers will instead discuss a topic of study on personal ecclesiastical circumscriptions.

The CLSP executive committee’s change of convention topic came at the heels of the publication of the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus by Pope Benedict XVI, providing for the eventual erection of Personal Ordinariates for communities coming from Anglicanism, who wished to come into full communion with the Catholic Church, while retaining some elements of their tradition which are compatible with Catholic doctrine.

Together with a set of Complementary Norms, this Papal legislation in effect provided for the constitution of yet another form of non-territorial ecclesiastical jurisdiction.

It can be recalled that John Paul II had erected the first Personal Prelature (Opus Dei) in 1982, through the Bull Ut sit, and provided for the erection of Military Ordinariates in 1986, through the Apostolic Constitution Spirituali militum curae—both of which are phenomena of non-territorial ecclesiastical jurisdiction.

Of late there have been other groups of Catholic faithful that have increasingly made it clear that the traditional territorial circumscriptions have become inadequate, as in the case of refugees, migrant workers, sailors, and Catholics of non-Latin rites.

Closer to the Philippines, there are the millions of OFWs who need to be pastorally attended to by the Philippine hierarchy, given the inadequacy of the territorial hierarchy where they are deployed.

Resource speaker for the convention will be Professor Eduardo Baura, who will deliver three conferences on the topic. He has published extensively regarding the topic of the present CLSP National Convention.
Baura holds Doctorates both in Canon Law and Civil Law from the University of Navarre. He is a full professor at the School of Canon Law of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, where he was the Dean for two terms, from 1999-2007.

He has also collaborated with several Roman Congregations and is a Consultor of the Congregation for Bishops.

The four-day convention will be held in a spanking new facility within the Toloto Seminary grounds, built by the diocese through the initiative of Bishop Leonardo Medroso. (Fr. Jaime Achacoso/CBCPNews)

Interesting on how this will come about.

I have heard from some sources within CBCP that the bishop's reactions to Anglicanorum is almost the same as...Summorum Pontificum.

Well, that says a lot about our bishops folks!


  1. Will they invite members of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines for their take on Anglicanorum Coetibus?

    You are right about about the bishops. The Episcopal "chismis" I heard is that some Episcopal parishes in the Cordilleras have inquired about the possibility of an Anglican Ordinariate from the local Catholic bishop. If you recall, the Cordillera is Anglo-Catholic while the lowlands are more broad church to evangelical.

    The Catholic bishop together with the Episcopal bishop dismissed the idea and this was reported in Asian Church News! The move was made by the Catholic bishop and the Episcopal bishop only took note of his action!

    The Catholic Episcopalians are now advised by foreign Anglo-Catholics to contact Rome directly. Forget the CBCP!

    BTW, I'm a Catholic from the Anglican tradition! I pray that I will hear the BCP prayers in a Catholic Mass sometime soon.

  2. God bless you, Ben.

    Maybe you can share with us your conversion story?