Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Laity says no to condom drive of government

MANILA, March 16, 2010— More people are taking the streets to decry the State’s promotion of contraceptives, breaking the impression that contraception is only a battle between the Catholic hierarchy and the government. [Seriously, I am enjoying this!]

In Cebu City, a group of doctors, parents, students and professionals are still vehemently opposed to condom use, despite the health department’s ambitious AIDS prevention campaign.

In a protest rally Tuesday, the demonstrators also called for a total ban on condom advertising to protect children from early exposure to sex. [Exactly!  Bull's eye! Right on the kisser!]

Dr. Josef Bullecer, national director of the AIDS-Free Philippines, said that they would continue resisting condom use because it promotes underage sex and immorality. [Right on! They are on a roll!]

“We are here to bring to our sentiments. Remember condoms on the first place are never proven to prevent HIV,” said Bullecer. [Never, ever, ever!  In Thailand, it caused even more the spread of the dreaded disease!]

“In fact, countries whose government openly promotes condoms, one can see skyrocketing cases of HIV/AIDS instead,” he said. [Just as I stated.]

According to Bullecer, most of the protesters represent themselves as concerned parents and taxpayers who are against the DOH’s “anti-Catholic, and immoral propaganda.”

Condom is a multi-million dollar industry. This is a battle now between the concerned citizens and taxpayers versus DOH,”

Last Friday, a group of parents brought the debate on condom use to the doorstep of the DOH in Manila.
About 60 members of the Alliance of Concerned Parents slammed the DOH’s pro-contraceptives policy, saying that “there’s no such thing as safe sex.” [What is the world is safe sex if you are faithful to your spouse, if you do not practice premarital sex?  Safe sex is only for those who are living a promiscuous life!]

They also called on the government to implement measures that do not offend “morality” to stop the spread of HIV and avoid unwanted pregnancy. (Roy Lagarde/CBCPNews)


I dare say this.


The government is hell bent on purchasing millions of pesos of condoms which would be given for free instead of spending the money for a massive media campaign and education about the dreaded disease.

There are other, more productive ways, on how to spend the budget of the Health Department.

It is election season and we all know where this immediate purchase would lead to.

Makes you think?  How much will you get in return Madame Secretary?

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  1. Condoms do prevent the spread of HIV 98% of the time. But Pope Benedict is correct to say that it cannot halt the HIV pandemic. Scientific theory cannot be overturned by theology since theology cannot provide the experimental evidence. But as a scientist I accept that condoms are like drugs, it can arrest the initial symptoms, but if the disease is to be eliminated, one needs to change behavioral attitudes to sex. And condoms cannot at all change that only Christian catechesis could!