Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The attacks on Benedict XVI intensify

The sex abuse scandal is hurting the Church and the Her enemies are having a field day!

Not surprisingly, Hell's Bible aka the New York Times runs this headline:

German Priest Close to Pope Is Suspended in Abuse Case

I read varying reports about this priest known only as H who has been tried and convicted of sexual abuse.  He is NOT close to the pope as the NYT article wants to insinuate.  The NYT even names the priest even though others refuse to divulge the name of the priest.

And now they are trying to tie the transfer or what they call "a systematic attempt to conceal the truth" about the sex abuse scandal to our beloved Holy Father.

Even a 2001 document which the then Cardinal Ratzinger, the head of the CDF, penned is being resurrected by the necromancers known as SNAP and the Media.

Seeking out justice is every victims right.  But to witch hunt is a different matter.

The Church MUST make a decisive and more results oriented approach to handling priests suspected sexual abuse.  

The Church MUST also put safeguards against dubious claims of abuse.  

The hierarchy MUST do what it MUST do.  Action is needed.

Things like this call to mind our parish priest who is living a double life.  No wonder he loves to construct and renovate a lot of things even though there is no need to do so.  It is costing our parish, not thousands, but millions of pesos!  His superior already knows about this, but he is busy twiddling his thumb and thinking of the latest liturgical trends in creativity.  I cannot go any further.  I am giving away too much details.

But one thing I hate with this superior.  He does fit the word.   The guy has no *alls!  Why he got elected to the post I just wonder.  But I digress.

With the intensified attack on the Church by the media, we cannot completely blame the accusers for the hatred.  The hierarchy has failed miserably to handle their own.  Remember the scandal in Ireland and of how Cardinal Bernard Law run Chicago?

This one must be dealt not in the pulpit by the bishops, but by the power of their crozier!  With all the symbolisms of the shepherd's staff, it is time to put it to good use.

Stop talking.

Pray and work.  That is the Benedictine way!

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