Sunday, February 7, 2010

Italy appeals Crucifix ban

ROME, FEB. 5, 2010 ( The Italian government is appealing a November ruling by the European Court of Human Rights that crucifixes in public school classrooms are a violation of freedom.

The Italian appeal defends the crucifix as "one of the symbols of our history and our identity."

"Christianity represents the roots of our culture, what we are today," the text of the appeal states. "The display of the crucifix in schools should not be seen so much for its religious meaning but as reference to the history and tradition of Italy. [Europe wants to forget that its Christian roots.  All I hear is this "We must tolerate each others beliefs since we are all one and the same under one God."  Hmmm... I just saw  video studying Freemasonry s related by a former 32nd degree Worshipful Master Mason.  And yes, that line I just said is one of the things Masonry wants its members to live by.]

"The presence of the crucifix in class remits also to a moral message that transcends secular values and does not infringe the right to adhere or not adhere to a religion." [So is you are in a Catholic school, this Court tells you you cannot practice your belief because it is against human rights?  I can't see the logic there.]

The European Convention on Human Rights foresees that the Grand Chamber can consider an appeal if a case raises "a serious question" on the interpretation of the convention. [Did it study the human rights abuses of Muslims?  I seriously doubt they have the b@#%$ to do it.]

Here is a suggestion.

When you walk around, be it in the office or in the mall or in the streets, wear a crucifix, a Miraculous Medal, St. Benedict's medal or Scapular.


  1. Europe's identity is so closely linked with the Christian Church. Secularists want to remove that link and it will be fatal for Europe. In England, the proponents of disestablishing the Church of England are secularists. The fierce defenders of Establishment are Catholics. The Catholics believe that disestablishment will fatally remove the identity of England as a Christian nation.

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