Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Western media rubbish: Gay couple buys JP2's flat

I found this article in Google which led me to a pro-gay site. Not surprising, how they treated the news.

Plain rubbish.  But I posted it here to show you the slight-of-hand they do in treating anything about the Catholic Church.


It seems Pope John Paul II doesn’t mind conducting business with queers. [See how the Western media will play out this article.]

In a truth-is-weirder-than-fiction moment, a gay couple in Madrid told Typically Spanish they purchased their flat from the pope. [Basing from the lead, this "journalist" gives you the impression that they bought it directly from the dead pope!  But watch out.] Apparently, [apparently?!] a devout woman left it to him in her will. He, in turn, put it on the market. [JP2 inherited the flat.  He then put it up for sale in the market.  So when he put it up for sale, there was no notice banning the sale of the apartment from anyone who is against the Church and Her teachings!  Clear that out, you moron!]

The couple, Alberto and Miguel Ángel, said “the Church does not love us, but is happy to do business.” [See the twist?]

The Web site commented “The gay couple, who are now married, also against the Church’s wishes, now enjoy dinner parties showing the escrituras (deeds) of the flat with the name of the Pope.” [He never lived in the place.  Obviously, the journalist and the gay couple WANT to draw attention, which they got, which irritates a devout Catholic like me.  Cheap trick, isn't it?  Well, as they say in the PR world, "Any publicity is good publicity.]

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