Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back to blogging!

At LAST!!!

I have my fingers on my keyboard typing for my blog and not for somebody else!

Not that I hate my job its just it took my entire weekend, or even the whole two months of my life.

Now I am back to what I love doing, that is blogging about my Faith, my Church, my Lord!

Thank for your patience for going back to The Pinoy Catholic, for looking for updates.  I promise to keep you updated on the latest.  I hope my sources don't get impatient...

God bless you all.  As I always keep you in my prayers, my only request is that you always keep me and my family in yours.

Vivat Jesus!


  1. welcome back. i'm a newcomer here (less than a month.) i check every day for your updates. i appreciate what you are doing and pray that you continue to write about our faith.


  2. Wow! Thank you very much Felipe.

    That was very fast.

    I hope Globe is faster... hehehe

  3. Don't hate your job. Remember that John Paul II's first encylical "Laborem Exercesens" tells us that work is "participating in the creative powers of God"