Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another Anglican bishop comes home

That is the photo of Right Reverend Paul Richardson who had been Assistant Bishop of Newcastle since 1998.  That photo is from his former diocese's website.

Damian Thompson reported that has been received into full communion with the Holy See.

Here is the rest of the blog entry of Mr. Thompson:
He tells me that his conversion is not the product of recent controversies. “I would have become a Catholic even if the Church of England wasn’t ordaining women bishops,” he says. “In a sense I feel it’s what I’ve always been, so this is like coming home.”
Richardson, 63, is not planning to join the Ordinariate, but hasn’t ruled out ordination as a Catholic priest – “You can’t just jump in and say ‘I want to be ordained’. I think I have to let the Church guide me over that,” he says.


Another fruit of the great work of the shepherd, Pope Benedict XVI, the Great Pope of Christian Unity!

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