Friday, January 8, 2010


Tomorrow is the Great Feast of the Black Nazarene.

I will be heading to the Minor Basilica tomorrow morning to hear Holy Mass (OF Mass) of course. (hi blackshama!) and will spend an hour in Eucharistic Adoration to pray for my and my family's intentions and also to pray for my dear TPC readers.

I am a devotee of the Black Nazarene.  I carry a novena with His picture in my clutch bag all the time.  It started when I went to the Basilica to ask for a favor.  It was days before my masteral thesis defense.  I assisted at Mass, kept vigil and asked him for a specific grade for my thesis.

The Lord granted my petition exactly as I asked Him, right on to the last detail!  Exactly the numbers I was asking him.  The Lord really works in mysterious ways.  From then on, I know that I need not worry and just trust the Lord who labored to bring the heavy cross to complete His work of saving my poor soul.

Whenever I go to Quiapo, even if I am too hungry and if I need to heed the call of nature, the first order of business is to say hi to the Lord at Quiapo Church.  I make it a point to pray at the Basilica to honor our Lord, the Black Nazarene and to trust in His Goodness and Divine Mercy.

Now my wife is a devotee too.  And we both have miniature images of the Señor.

Tomorrow, I will be praying to the Lord that He may grant my and my family's petition.  And a very special one, too.  And I will also include all those who pass by my lowly blog.

All in His own good time.

Viva Señor!


That is the picture of the Black Nazarene in the shrine.

The one below is courtesy of Robby de La Vega in his Flicker account.

Upon closer examination, you can see on the left cheek of the Nazarene, (viewer's right) one can see a hole mark.  According to accounts, that was made by a bullet fired by a member of the dreadful Iglesia ni Cristo when the procession carrying the revered image passed through their chapel.

Here is a photo showing the bullet hole.

For more about the Black Nazarene, click here and here.

I will also be praying for the conversion of my boss who is now an apostate, who besmirch our Holy Mother Church for her stand on the sanctity of life.  He even told me that people who go to Quiapo are the desperate ones, (he doesn't know I am a devotee.) and that is why the Church would want overpopulation to happen so that more people will hope hopelessly to go touch the Nazarene.

Please pray for his conversion.

Please say this prayer:  "Dear Lord, Señor Nazareno, please convert and touch the heart of the boss of Pinoy Catholic and bring him back into your fold.  For the sake of your Sorrowful Passion and the Sorrows of Your dearly beloved Mother, we ask this favor. Amen."

A simple prayer that will go a long way.

Viva Señor!

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  1. Tell your boss that all people on earth are desperate. They are desperate for 1) God's presence, 2) God's peace and 3) God's healing. Muslims, Buddhists, Catholics, Protestants, Born Agains, Iglesia ni Cristo etc are all desperate. Now only the holier than thou will think they are saved.