Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One for the books

The President of the Republic of the Philippines has announced her intention to run, not as president because the constitution prohibits her. She will instead run for the congressional seat which her son currently occupies.

Is she trying to do a John Quincy Adams?

I guess not. She has been very vocal to amend the Constitution to change the form of government from US style presidential form to a European parliament. If she wins in Congress, and her partymate wins next year's presidential election, chances are the Constitution will be changed and she sits as Prime Minister, a position which has NO term limit whatsover.

She said that she wants to continually be or service to the nation.  RUBBISH!

I have one word for this attitude: GREED!

If reincarnation were true, then Gloria Arroyo is the reincarnation of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos!

Power indeed corrupts!

God Save the Philippines!

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