Saturday, December 19, 2009

KISS: Keep It Short and Simple

Thanks to Josemaria Lazaro Paulo Jeronimo Martin Carvalho-von verster, I guess an avid TPC reader (wink), for reminding me of this article in UCANews about a bishop reminding priests to keep homilies short and to the point. You can read the article here


Long talks and long articles, not my style.  Too much words, give a listening audience, let's say "communication indigestion".  There are those who write to force you to look for a thesaurus.  My professor, who was an American missionary, said that he was surprised to find Filipino authors and speakers who think they are more English than the British and the Americans, using words that he himself cannot understand!

He even finds it hard to understand why communicate to confuse.

If you have an excellent preacher at Mass, like listening to Abp. Fulton Sheen, Fr. John Corapi of EWTN, Fr. Joseph Bisig of the FSSP, an hour would seem like minutes!

For a priest who has not prepared his homily and who plucks any topic out of the air, like taking candy from a baby, 5 minutes of his talk is torture.

You can really tell how deeply spiritual a priest is with his homilies

You can also tell if the priest takes his job seriously, by the way he celebrates Mass and how he prepares his homilies, not dabbling on some off tangent topic that makes you ask after his homily "What did he just say?"

My parish priest is like that.  He starts his Mass not with the Sign of the Cross but with this greeting, "Well, well, well!  Hello!  Let's thank God!  It's getting cold because Christmas is near! (applause from people).


Got slapped (Member of SLAP that is!)

I have attended the Masses offered by these priest and when they talk, I mean they talk!

Fr. Anton Pascual of Radio Veritas

Fr. Archie Guiriba of Shalom Charismatic Community

Their favorite lines?  "Have you greeted the one seated beside you?"

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