Sunday, December 13, 2009

How to foster priestly vocation in young male kids

Take note! Male kids.

And how to foster it?  Let's ask Archbishop Raymund Burke:

"When I was in first grade, I used to like to play Mass with the participation of my siblings and neighboring children. My parents bought for me a Mass kit for children, which was available at the time. [...] To this day I feel badly that it was lost somewhere along the way. [...] I can tell you that the little Mass kit played its part in fostering my vocation to the priesthood."

Two points.

One, I would LOVE to get my hands on that Mass kit play set!  What a wonderful way to help foster vocations to the priesthood.  I know my wife would get mad if I give this to our only son, but... what the heck!  It's a toy, right?  And a healthy one at that!  No gun firing, no violence, no carnapping, etc.

Two, manufacturers of this kit must put a label "For boys only!" unless we start getting little girls playing like Jefferts-Schori (belch!)


By the way, the quote above was from an article from Zenit which you can read here.  It mentions a store named Wee Believers who makes toys that help strengthen the faith of little catholic children.  Here is the play Mass kit that they are selling.

retails for $76.49.  Kit includes twelve cleanable pieces and a detailed companion booklet contained in a durable, canvas case. Crucifix, Chalice, Thurible, Finger Bowl, 2 Cruets, 2 Candles, Paten (cotton/polyester blend), Corporal & Purificator (cotton cloth), and play Hosts (foam). All other pieces are cotton/polyester blend, carrying case is nylon. Ages 3-8. MagnifiKid! included while supplies last.  Made in Thailand. Kit and pieces are created from all new materials. Companion booklet and packaging sleeve are printed on 80% recycled materials

Just a few more clicks of the keyboard and mouse, and voila!  Here's more:

retails for $49.99.  You can buy it here.

And here's another one

Here's what they had to say:
Looking for an awesome visual and tangible activity that makes the Mass more meaningful for your kids? Do you want a terrific tangible tool for explaining the sacred vessels and linens used? Would you like to know what a corporal or an incense boat is? Do they know the names and uses of the things they see on the altar?

Not bad, eh?

Maybe a good Christmas gift for our kids.

DISCLAIMER:  The companies above are not paying any advertising fee to be featured on my blog. (damn!)  I featured them so that you may have better choices as gifts for our kids this Christmas. (Huzzah!)

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  1. Comment- just 4 years later, and the only one of these I could find was the cloth Wee Believers Kit. ALL of the others are sold out.

    Hint to toy manufacturers- it should be possible to do a decent mass kit in plastic for around the $30 price point, and it appears, based on the perpetual SOLD OUT nature, this is an in-demand item.