Monday, November 16, 2009

A few more days!

Just a few more days before I get my whole regalia set!

And I'll be looking like them...

Take note.  The Sir Knights in front with the white chapeau, white cape and white handled sword are Faithful Navigators, or the leaders of Assemblies, the organization of 4th degree knights.  Sir Knights who are part of the Color Corps or Honor Guard wear a red cape and white chapeau and carry a black handled sword.

Some say you join the Knights of Columbus because:

1.  You are retired because you are old.


2.  You are rich and you do not know what to do with your money.  So you join an "old boys club"

Hey, I did not make this up!  I heard it said to me by both family and friends.

Now, I proved them wrong!  How?

I am not old.

I am not retired.

And I am not filthy rich!


I'll be blogging about the Knights' Regalia in more detail later.

Tons of work at the office...

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