Monday, November 23, 2009

Eco-feminism at work

Yeah, the work of these nuns and their "eco-friendly" bishop, Auxiliary of Manila Broderick Pabillio, against things the government does and does not do for the protection of the environment is laudable. Their recent success is the suspension of a government permit to proposed nickel mining project of a Norwegian company that would cover 11,218 hectares and span four towns in Mindoro Oriental and Occidental.

But at the end of the day...

Will you see these nuns teach children basic Catechism?

I think Bishop Pabillo and these nuns' schedules are filled up with so many things social, political and geological and nothing Catholic at all.

You begin to wonder where these efforts are based upon.

Are they working towards salvation of souls? Yeah I've heard the aggiornamento hurrah of "building the kingdom on earth" But how about saving souls? Unless these nuns and their bishop still believe in the need for the salvation of an immortal soul.

When the pope or a bishop calls for a 40 Hour Devotion, will we see these sisters in bended knees, too?

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