Friday, October 30, 2009

Bedrock of Liturgical Innovators / Abusers?

Why, you might ask, I asked that question?  Because a friend-priest who is enrolled in the Institute told me a story about how its Director, Fr. Anscar Chupungco, OSB, instructed them about the Eucharist.  He said something like this "If you want the full effect of the Sacrament of the Eucharist, then CHEW the host well.  It is a bread!"

It was told to me so I am just passing it along. So don't get too excited. That is why I asked that question.

To chew or not to chew that is the question.

Do you need to chew on the Bread of Life to get the full effects of the Blessed Sacrament? NO! NO! NO!

Christ is present, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Eucharistic Species. Whether you chew Him, let Him melt in your mouth, no matter the size of the Host, He is truly present and you receive Him fully!

Here are other liturgical innovations I heard from a priest I know who got "miseducated"... not place candles on the altar because it is the Table of the Lord where we eat the Meal of Love. Because when you go into a banquet, candles are not placed on the table.

...Since it is the Meal of Love, the chalice and the paten must not be purified on the altar but on the credence table, because you do not clean your plate in front of your guests.

This mindset is so typical of liturgical innovators who mask themselves as Catholics but who are every inch Lutheran in their view of the Mass.  Probably the same reason why they cease calling the altar "Altar" and instead calls it "Table"  and why they face the people instead of face God when worshipping.

Hey, its a meal for them not a sacrifice!

Question:  If it is a meal, where is the spoon and fork?  WHAT?  NO DESSERT?

 So, according to THAT institute, Pope Benedict is WRONG!


They have this program being offered to priests.  I got this from their website.

Pastoral Liturgy for the Clergy- is a continuing program for diocesan and religious priests who wish to update their knowledge, understanding and practice of the liturgy.

I think  I just smelled something bad here.  For all I care, this is pushing the panic button since it known of how Pope Benedict is teaching us by word and deed of the reorientation of Catholic worship, an organic development and not some fabricated liturgy like the Misa ng Sambayanang Pilipino, which thanks be to God, the Holy See has left gathering dust.

So whether you know liturgy or not, just ask yourself.

In terms of liturgy, who would you listen to?

A.  Anscar Chupungco, OSB


B. as in Benedict XVI


Maybe the Philippines needs its own Pastoral Visitation from Rome...

And please add that theological school in Quezon City named after Mary.  Why you might ask?  18 of their faculty members supported Fr. Tissa Balasuriya when the priest was under investigation by Rome for the charge of heresy because of what he wrote in his book "Mary and Human Liberation". I should know.  Some of my friends finished thelogy in THAT school and you'll be surprised that they do not even know the Credo.  They are so "updated" they know "Feminist Hermeneutics", Feminist Theology, Personality Development and Human Sexuality, Women Liturgies...


Sancte Michael Archangele, defende nos in proelio...

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