Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Visita Iglesia: St. Paul the Apostle Parish Church, Quezon City

We Pinoy Catholics have a tradition of visiting seven churches during Holy Thursday. Much the same as the tradition in Rome where pilgrims visit the the seven pilgrim churches as penance. They are Saint John Lateran, Saint Peter, Saint Mary Major, Saint Paul-outside-the-Walls, Saint Lawrence Outside the Walls, Holy Cross-in-Jerusalem, and traditionally Saint Sebastian Outside the Walls. Pope John Paul II replaced St. Sebastian with the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Divine Love for the jubilee year of 2000.

Even if it is not Holy Thursday, I will visit churches and will give my raves and comments about the church. Feel free to post in your comments as well

So here is my first offering.

First stop, St. Paul the Apostle Parish Church in the Diocese of Cubao, Quezon City.

Here is the outside of the parish church.

This is the inside of St. Paul the Apostle Parish Church in Quezon City.

I took this photo while a wedding was going on.

Notice the sanctuary? Drab...Iconoclastic...Modernist!  By the way, that crucifix there is slightly disfigured, bordering on being deformed.

Can't find the tabernacle? Yeah I was surprised too. After dipping my finger in holy water to sign myself with the Cross, I was about to genuflect when I cannot find the reason why I should genuflect at all!

I looked around and found a room/chapel in the left side of the church.

There, they have taken the Lord. Pews and kneelers inside.

 My verdict?  Where is "EXTREME CATHOLIC CHURCH MAKEOVER" when you need them?

The church does not lift your spirit, does not inspire you to prayer...  Take out the crucifix and you have one heck of an auditorium.  Oh, wait!  THAT would be an UGLY auditorium!

No sense of the sacred...

My disgust...INEFFABLE!!!

My prescription?  Visit The New Liturgical Movement and WDTPRS


  1. parishioner po ako ng SPAP. parang ang harsh naman ng komento nio sa aming simbahan. hehe.
    I guess mas preferred nio yung mga old grand cruciform church designs that give you divine goosebumps pag pasok... hmmm...

    did you know that that building have come a looong way? it used to be one of those discotheque bars prominently seen along Timog Avenue. good thing pa nga na na-convert ito sa simbahan to be the rose sticking out amoidst all the thorns in that commercial district.

  2. Yes Nowitzki, I know its past.

    But a church is a church a church.

    We have to put back the sense of the sacred in spaces that ought to convey that sense.

    You are an architect. You know what I mean.

  3. @The Pinoy Catholic - you should not define a church's sanctity by the way it is structured or built. You're putting the term "sacred" here in a different context. It's not manifested on the architectural design or its aesthetic values but on the people who visit the place day in and day out. This humble place is built because of the faith of its people. I guess this place deserves the minimum amount of respect from you.

    And please revisit your intention in doing your Visita Iglesia. I think you're misguided.

    1. 4-1, obviously you are from St. Paul's but before you get too personal, read my comments first.

      I did not question the intentions of the people who built the church. I am questioning the design and why the tabernacle is not found in the sanctuary.

      And you are VERY WRONG when you say that the sacredness of the building is because of the people who visit the church.


      Are you even Catholic?!

  4. I am not a parishioner of St. Paul, but it made me wonder why do you have to make a critic of the church on the first place?? You sound holier than thou. Was it you who designed the Vatican and you speak as if your wisdom is a gift to mankind??
    Have pity to yourself. Hindi ka na lang sana nagbisita iglesia kung panlabas na kaanyuan at istruktura ang titignan mo...nakakatawa ka na nakakaawa.

  5. When you call a Catholic Church "ugly" for lacking the characters that would make it "beautiful", does one make himself to be holier than others?

    Not a parishioner, but look at the attitude.


    1. And I did not design the Vatican. I cannot design an entire city-state.