Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sodom and Gomorrah once again

I don't have time to check the correct spelling of the names of the biblical places wiped out by the wrath of God. This news is just plain ?!@#*&%$#. If you get what I mean. My emphasis and comments


Anglicans Split Over Homosexuality, Swedish, U.S. Branches Move to Approve Same-Sex Unions

LONDON, JULY 16, 2009 ( The Church of England's council of archbishops is expressing concern about a decision last month by Church of Sweden authorities to adopt rites for blessing same-sex unions. [Just expressing concern? What about outrage?]

A June 26 letter from the Anglican council to the Swedish central board affirmed the "problematic" nature of this move.

"Changes in the understanding of human sexuality and marriage," it affirmed, "would lead to an impairment of the relationships between the churches." [Because it is Sodom and Gomorrah all over again!]

It added that this could "further undermine the fragile unity of the Anglican Communion."

The letter was sent to the archbishop of Uppsala, Wejryd Anders, from Bishop Christopher Hill and Bishop John Hind, from the Church of England's Council for Christian Unity and the Faith and Order Advisory.

It stated that "although there is a continuing debate among Anglicans about human sexuality, the teaching and discipline of the Church of England, like that of the Anglican Communion as a whole as expressed in the Lambeth Conference of 1998, is that it is not right either to bless same-sex sexual relationships or to ordain those who are involved in them."

The proposal, the letter continued, "appears to be a fundamental re-definition of the Christian doctrine of marriage and of basic Christian anthropology." [Precisely! A DIY Christianity! This is what happens when you throw the pearls to the pigs as warned by the Lord. Once Christian doctrine is submitted to the whims of the times, you get hell unleashed! It's the Christianity Lucifer wants to have!]

It affirmed, "This position would be at odds with the biblical teaching about the significance of God's creation of human beings as male and female as this has been received by the Church of England and by the Catholic tradition in general." [Well, I have given up hope with heretics led by Jefferts-Schori and Vicky Gene Robinson. Come on, they have their own brand of Christianity and they have their own "Jesus". It's like talking to a kid about Shakespeare when what he has in mind is Barney!]

Meanwhile, the Anglican branch in the United States, the Episcopalian church, voted this week in a general convention to allow the ordination of gay priests and bishops. [See? All hell breaks loose. Lucifer is prancing in their midst.]

Moreover, in further sessions of the convention, the church is also expected to authorize rites for blessing same-sex unions.

England's archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, had warned the convention participants last week to refrain from decisions that will push the churches farther apart. [Just a warning? Like that would accomplish anything. This is what happens when the acknowledged leader, acting in primus inter pares, or in collegiality, has no capacity to censure erring bishops. That's what makes the pope different from the Archbishop of Canterbury or from the Patriarchs of Istanbul and Moscow. Collegiality really will not work!]

Bishop N.T. Wright of Durham, England, stated in a letter Wednesday to the Times of London that "the Americans know this will end in schism. The vote, he continued, to allow the appointment of "persons in active same-sex relationships" to all ministry positions is a "clear break with the rest of the Anglican Communion."


Episcopalians don't care! Why force someone to go to heaven if they want to go straight to hell? Even Christ himself expressed the same disgust with the scribes and the Pharisees!

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