Thursday, July 9, 2009

SAD, SAD, VERY SAD NEWS: The Philippines loses a TLM parish

The sad news I heard for quite a while was already posted over the internet.  St. Jerome Emiliani Parish in Alabang, Muntinlupa has ceased to celebrate the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.  I will let you read first the announcement from Richard M. Friend, the chairman of the Organizing Committee of the TLM in the parish


Dear Friends,

I have a short announcement.

During today’s meeting, Fr. Grato [the Somascan Father who is parish priest of St. Jerome Emiliani] announced that he was discontinuing the TLM at St. Jerome effective immediately. He did not mention anything about the controversy regarding communion in the hand, although I believe this is a contributing factor in his decision. [this is too controversial and sad that I need to pray over this before I give the details.  I need the opinion of my fellow Pinoy trad Cath bloggers. ] Fr. Grato said he felt that TLM St. Jerome was like a “church within a church.” [huh?!] He expressed unhappiness with the present situation. He further said that he will be writing to the bishop to explain his action. He advised us to seek out other parishes in the diocese that may be willing to accommodate a regular celebration of the EF Mass.

Unless Bishop Mercado [the Ordinary of the Diocese of Paranaque] persuades Fr. Grato otherwise, this marks the end of my involvement with St. Jerome. This also highlights the importance of establishing a personal parish staffed by priests who will exclusively serve the needs of the TLM faithful, where Catholics attached to the TLM will truly feel at home and not be treated as second-class citizens who have to make way for Novus Ordo Masses. Having committed time and resources to TLM St. Jerome and seeing how quickly it evaporated, I am convinced that a TLM St. Jerome-type arrangement in other parishes in the diocese, although possible, is a short-term fix that will not fully address the needs of the TLM faithful and may in fact suffer the same fate of TLM St. Jerome. This type of arrangement surely cannot be our goal.

I am presently considering several options, as others are, and in due course will take the appropriate action. In the meantime I ask for everyone’s prayers. Let us pray that the EF Mass will one day find a permanent home in the diocese of Paranaque.

Sts. Peter and Paul, pray for us!

Chairman, Organizing Committee
Traditional Latin Mass St. Jerome Emiliani


Sad, really sad.  Pray for the restoration of the TLM!  The only parish remaining to regularly offer the TLM in the country is Divine Mercy Parish Church in Sikatuna Village in Quezon City by Fr. Jojo Zerrudo.

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