Friday, July 3, 2009

Gay Priest urges priests to disobey the Church, targets the Knights of Columbus

Geoffrey Farrow, a suspended priest turned gay activist has called for Catholic priests to retaliate against the Knights of Columbus for their support of Proposition 8.

This openly gay priest was removed as pastor from the St. Paul Newman Center at Cal State Fresno in October 2008 for his outspoken defiance of church teaching over Proposition 8 and the issue of homosexuality. 

Here is what this man suggests:

" So, what can priests do to fight the anti-gay agenda of the bishops and the K of C? Here is a short list:

1) Divest the full amount of your Knights of Columbus life insurance policy immediately. Take the check and invest the funds with an LGBT friendly fund. If every priest and K of C insurance policy holder were to do this, it would create a considerable capital drain on K of C and cripple their ability to write large checks to thwart LGBT legislation and ballot initiatives.

2) If you are a layperson, write them at tell them why you have done this. If you are a priest, simply inform them that you have decided to use the funds to promote social justice.

3) Pastors have the power to decide what is published in the Sunday bulletin and what is announced at Mass on Sundays. Do not let the K of C publish or announce.

4) Pastors may grant or withhold permission for organizations to use church facilities for their meetings. Most parishes have very tight facility scheduling. Create a program and tell the K of C they need to meet elsewhere."


Yeah. right.  He is fighting against discrimination by being...hateful.  I can hear a drop of dew fall into my glass of water for the deafening silence his bishop HAS NOT DONE to address the filth that this priest is spreading.  The pope has fast tracked the process to dispense the ordained. Get him a one way ticket RAPIDO!  Such bigoted view of the Knights.  Of course we will support Prop 8 because legalizing gay marriage is an attack on the natural and moral law of marriage.

And as Knights, we are to defend that which attacks the Church, even if the attacks come from erring bishops or priests!  If our holy founder, Ven. Fr. Michael McGivney were alive, he'll do the same thing.  And as a Knight, I would give more of my time and money for causes such as the defense of traditional marriage and defense of the unborn!

You can read more here:

The devil is working double time.  Pray even more!

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