Monday, June 15, 2009

Who promotes Communion in the hand?

An excerpt from an article entitled "Rethinking Communion in the Hand" by Jude A Huntz, HOMELITIC & PASTORAL REVIEW March 1997

(This argument might be accused of the logical fallacy of "guilt by association." But that argument is not necessarily false.) Those in the mainstream liturgical establishment (and their followers) who promote Communion in the hand are the same persons who, for the most part, have a distaste in general for worship of the Lord in the Holy Eucharist, and perpetual adoration in particular. [Know a LOT! Same guys who would take away the tabernacle in the main altar or sanctuary and place it on a side altar. What's a more dignified spot? The center or the side? Hmmm?] A due, strong emphasis on the personal, bodily Real Presence of Christ our God in Holy Communion is not something which modern liturgists are noted for. Indeed, they even discourage it. Our attention is to be on the community, they say. [Ah...the favorite term. MEAL OF LOVE. Sounds like Martin Luther to me if you ask.] In general, we can apply to the distorters (knowing and unknowing) of the Catholic doctrine and practice with respect to the Mass the following words of G. K. Chesterton: they are guilty of "the idolatry of the intermediate to the oblivion of the ultimate." Well, these are the promoters of Communion in the hand. And they dislike and discourage the traditional manner of reception. Why? [Yeah. Can someone please tell me why receiving it on the tongue is something to be discouraged?]

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