Monday, May 18, 2009

Alec Baldwin's 'mail-order bride' joke draws flak

“Truly insensitive and uncalled for.”

This was the statement issued by actor-turned-politician Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla on the statement of Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin about getting a mail-order bride in the Philippines.

“Alec Baldwin's recent statement that he is thinking about getting a mail-order bride from the Philippines is truly insensitive and uncalled for. For him, it is funny but to the millions of Filipinos, it is mockery. Bad joke, not worth laughing,” Revilla said in a press statement Sunday.

The “30 Rock” actor was recently interviewed on "The Late Show with David Letterman."

Baldwin was asked by Lettermen if he ever considered having a big family for himself.

“I love to have more kids. I think about getting a Filipina mail-order bride or a Russian one. I'm 51," Baldwin remarked.

Revilla reminded Baldwin that as a celebrity, he should be “more prudent in issuing statements.”

“Kung pagbabatayan natin ang pagiging arogante ni Alec Baldwin, kahit sino pa ang magiging bride nito, malamang na mamalasin. Subukan niyang pumunta dito sa Pilipinas nang maghalo ang balat sa tinalupan,” the senator said.

Revilla warned the actor that the country has a law against “mail-order bride schemes.”

"Apparently, he is not aware that here in the Philippines we don't tolerate mail order bride schemes that is why we enacted the Republic Ac 6955 or the Anti- Mail Order Bride Law," Revilla said.

If you want to be funny, don't do it at the expense of another person, race or culture's expense. I think in American TV, this one is protected by freedom of expression. But to say something against blacks, gays, abortion, are tagged a racist and bigot. But if it is against any of those, like crack a joke at expense of pro-lifers, Catholics, Asians especially's just that, a joke.

There have been a couple of racist remarks aimed at Filipinos that hugged the headlines lately. Click the links below:

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